Grand Lakers Eat Seasonal Foods For Better Health


Grand Lakers Eat Seasonal Foods For Better Health

Living near Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma, I am blessed with a bountiful garden and a productive ranch with Black Angus cattle.  However, this time of year, there’s nothing growing fresh.

I made a trip to the grocery store in Vinita today hungry for fresh fruits and vegetables.  I often shop at the local stores like Carters or Harps as I personally hate to go to Walmart. (that’s another story)   As I perused the aisles in the produce section I was struck (again) by the amazing variety of vegetables and fruits available to us in the dead of winter.  However, much of what is ready for our purchase shipped from many places around the world.

I noted how expensive the lowly onion was…then I noticed they were from Peru!  Then I noticed “fresh”  blueberries from 1/2 way around the world and I thought to check frozen blueberries.  Not only were the frozen items slightly less expensive, they were grown in the USA.   I purchased the frozen ones.  Now I know to many of you the idea of stepping back 50 years or more and not having anything available to eat other than what is currently available in the local farmers market, or from your own garden is a stretch.  I’m certainly no rocket scientist, but  I truly believe many of the health issues of today stem (no pun intended) from the unknown techniques, chemicals, etc found in foods grown far away, harvested before peak ripeness, shipped thousands of miles, etc etc. are not as good for us.

I saw an interesting bit of information on Facebook you might enjoy:  check what is available fresh in your area.    Obviously virtually nothing is ready fresh in Northeast Oklahoma right now.  That’s why I am so grateful for our huge garden we work so hard during the growing season.  Oh, did I say we have meat from our cattle and goats in the freezer, loads of vegetables frozen and canned?

I guess I’ll go make dinner and be satisfied I’m eating healty food, grown here in Oklahoma with out chemicals, and preserved with out additives and look forward to spring when I can plant and start it all over again!  (yes we tilled the garden this week, and I’ve ordered seeds!)

For those of you without a garden or livestock, you can stock up on wonderful produce from the farmers markets Veggies

when the produce is fresh, and you can can, freeze, dehydrate and ENJOY the harvest during these dreary winter months.

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